Driving performance through Transformational Leadership


Organizations have to flourish in an environment characterized by uncertainty and unpredictability arising from constant technological, social, political and economic changes. Transformational leadership is about renovating an organization.

This program enables to bring about the positive transformations to the work place.

Program Contents
1. Transformational Leadership and modern organizations.
2. Task performance
3. Intrinsic motivation and goal-commitment
4. Creating, clarifying strategic vision and mission
5. Driving organizational performance.
Program Objectives
1. To harness the capabilities of transformational leadership in participants enabling them to clarify or create a vision to navigate the change that leads to new levels of performance.
2. To cultivate the transformational leadership qualities in senior management team.

Program Methods

Predominantly through lectures and discussions. However a mixed pedagogy will be used. There will be the role plays and case based sessions to best internalize the concepts.

Key Takeaways
1. Attributes of a transformational leader
2. Driving organizational performance to new level.

Participants Profile

This program is beneficial for the newly promoted middle and senior managers of the organizations in both private and public sector.

Certificate of Participation

Upon successful completion of the program the institute issues a certificate of completion.

Program Fee

MVR 1500 per person (corporate
discounts are allowed for groups)

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