E-Learning and Digital Education


Success of managers in their endeavor depends on how effectively they use their repertoire of communications skills. Effective communication involves use of a variety of skills appropriate to the situation.

This program is designed to help the practicing managers communicate effectively in various situations such as interpersonal interactions, group interactions, managing change and negotiations and thereby contribute to overall organizational effectiveness.  

Program Contents
1. E-learning Tools: an introduction
3. Contemporary practices in learning and development
4. Internet and Social Media
5. Social Media for learning
6. Learning management systems
7. Distance learning and MOOCs
8. Educational Technology Tools (Syncronous & Ascyhronous)
9. Game based learning and Simulation
10. Certification and animation
11. Insights from education psychology
12. Intranet and Knowledge Management
Program Objectives
1. To acquire knowledge on the contemporary practices in E learning
2. To understand internet and social media
3. To provide an exposure to the various educational technology tools

Program Methods

Lectures by faculty, Demo of e-learning solution, Theme based group based discussions, Experience-sharing, Group Exercises, Videos and case studies

Key Takeaways
1. E Learning tools and their usage
2. Educational Technology tools

Participants Profile

This program is aimed at training managers, learning and development managers, IT professionals involved in building knowledge management systems and educationists.

Certificate of Participation

Upon successful completion of the program the institute  issues a certificate of completion.

Program Fee

MVR 1500 per person (corporate
discounts are allowed for groups)