Evaluating and Financing Public Private Partnership Projects (PPP)


This program has been conceptualized to build capacity for making decisions related to project selection and project structuring.

In the context of limited fiscal headroom, alternate financing holds the key to rapid improvements in infrastructure and service delivery. Such improvements will unlock the potential of Maldivian Economy and open path for double digit growth of GDP. Across all arms of government, it is imperative to monetize viable projects, there by freeing up resources for other initiatives.

Program Contents - This program is conceptualized;
1. PPP Concept
- Economic foundation of a PPP project
- Need for private finance to scale up investments in infrastructure
- PPP Modal families and possible legal forms taken such as contracts, special purpose vehicle, licenses etc.
2. Lifecycle of PPP Project
- Value for money analysis
- Taking PPP from request for EOI to Concession Agreement
- Managing social change and acceptance during implementation
- Contract Management and Monitoring Mechanisms
3. Project Finance
- Sources of finance and capital structure
- Analysis of project cashflow and project bankability
- Identification, mitigation and allocation of project risks.
4. Experiences with PPP
- Discussion on PPP cases – successful an failed – from Maldives and Abroad
- Break-out sessions for sector -wise assessment
- Abandonment of projects by the developer
Program Objectives - Participants to the program will benefit by the way of following:
1. To create an appreciation for PPP philosophy among project proponents and sanctioning authorities.
2. To increase the appetite for the PPP projects through careful evaluation of large projects exhibiting quantifiable value for money.
3. To enable the participants in identifying sources of funding for those projects which are a priority of the society.

Program Methods

This intensive five-day sessions places an emphasis on application. The highly interactive learning environment consisting of lecture sessions, group discussions, and case studies provides ample opportunities to learn from the peer group as well as faculty and industry experts.

Key Takeaways
1. Appreciation for the potential of private investments in building infrastructure to meet the future demands
2. Gaining skills for systematic appraisal of a project including costs, benefits risks and societal impact.
3. Sensitization t major issues affecting the execution of PPP projects in the country.

Participants Profile

Designed to sharpen the skills of middle level and senior officers from finance sector in selecting and approving PPP projects.  

Certificate of Participation 

Upon successful completion of the program the institute  issues a certificate of completion.

Program Fee

MVR 1500 per person (corporate
discounts are allowed for groups)


5 days (5 hours per day)

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