Finance for Non-Finance Executives


As executives climb the corporate ladder, there is an increasing need to develop an understanding of the numbers that derive managerial decisions.

This program has been designed to address this need by covering the core concepts of accounting and finance. The focus will be demonstrating the applicability of these concepts in actual business situations.

Program Contents
1. Understand the numbers that derives the managerial decisions
2. Evaluate the financial performance
3. Product/ service profitability analysis
4. Cost of capital and financing options
5. Working capital policy decisions
6. Shareholder value creation
7. Capital expenditure decisions
Program Objectives
1. More effective communication with the finance executives by understanding the terminology of finance.
2. Evaluate the impact of managerial decisions, using financial statements.
3. Interpret and analyses financial information for more effective decision making

Program Methods

This program will be delivered through a well-structured schedule with the academic content followed by case studies to demonstrate the real life applicability of the concepts. Debates , simulations and managerial decision-making exercises will be conducted.

Key Takeaways
1. Fundamentals of business and managerial finance
2. Financial performance analysis and evaluations with t decision-making techniques.

Participants Profile

This program is designed for senior executives from HR, technical, operations, marketing or general management background.

Certificate of Participation

Upon successful completion of the program the institute issues a certificate of completion.

Program Fee

MVR 1500 per person (corporate
discounts are allowed for groups)

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