Strategies for Cost Leadership


This programs offers a unique approach to managing costs by improving visibility over cost structures and business processes. It provides the participants with valuable insights into the activity based analysis of the business processes. 

This program has been conceptualized to enable participants gain insights into developing competitive advantage through cost leadership. This program provides latest tools and techniques for evaluating product/ service cost structures and implementing strategies for cost minimization. This program draws on real-life case studies to demonstrate the ways in which business costs can be converted into the value for the customer. The participants will leave with powerful ideas and suggestions for cost minimization in their respective organization.

Program Contents
1. Developing strategies to achieve cost leadership
2. Took kit for cost minimization
3. ABC – Activity-based costing approach
4. Target costing approach
5. Bench marking
6. Real life case studies
Program Objectives
1. To understand the significance of creating competitive advantage through cost leadership.
2. To develop skills in using tools like Activity Based Costing (ABC), Target costing and Bench marking.
3. To provide a holistic frame work to effectively manage costs across the value chain.

Program Methods

This intensive three-day sessions places an emphasis on application. The highly interactive learning environment consisting of lecture sessions, group discussions, and case studies provides ample opportunities to learn from the peer group as well as faculty and industry experts.

Key Takeaways
1. Contribute to developing strategies for cost leadership
2. Better understanding of cost drivers across the value chain

Participants Profile

Senior-executives in the finance and non-finance functions.

Certificate of Participation

Upon successful completion of the program the institute  issues a certificate of completion.

Program Fee

MVR 1500 per person (corporate
discounts are allowed for groups)

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