Team Dynamics - Activity Based Approach


This management training program empowers you to practice the skills you need to stop pushing and start pulling. By taking this program you will become an engaging manager that creates confident, inspired, empowered, and enthusiastic teams.

The center stage of the program revolves around self-development in leading teams.   

Program Contents
1. Improve your performance by strengthening your management skills
2. Ability to manage and lead teams more effectively
3. Team Analysis and strategic plan for effective team work
4. Understanding of team and group behavior
5. Develop a management style that suits your unique personality
6. Handle difficult management situations with greater certainty in your decisions.
Program Objectives
1. To improve the team dynamics management skills
2. To improve productivity
3. To manage difficult situations at the work place when working in teams

Program Methods

Leading and working in teams is designed to give managers the skills needed to overcome group challenges, maximize team performance and achieve the results that matter most for success. The session is designed based on the principle of “flipping the training session”, which will establish that learning happens not with a trainer, but by giving practitioners access to discover things on their own through activity/ simulation based learning. The pedagogy of this training is designed to accelerate your abilities for practical functioning and creative thinking.

Key Takeaways
1. Effective Team management skills
2. Abilities for practical functioning and creative thinking.

Participants Profile

This program is designed to cater to the need of leaders of cross-functional teams. Leaders/ managers responsible for creating team-based organizational systems, team members who can influence leadership and collaboration on teams in public and private sector, government departments and service organizations.

Certificate of Participation

Upon successful completion of the program the institute issues a certificate of completion.

Program Fee

MVR 1500 per person (corporate
discounts are allowed for groups)

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